Patch release out: crosshair & more!

Hey all, is out!

What changes since the last build?  Mainly improvements:

- Balancing for some characters

- Some followers bug fixes

- Now less likely to blow yourself up with the tracker gun :)

- CROSSHAIR!  You can now see the mouse on screen.  One feedback I received was at some points, it was hard to even know where the mouse was, let alone control your little avatar on top of that!  Hopefully a crosshair will enhance the player experience.

Also, for those of you that fancy destroying 1000 boxes, a new character is now ready to unlock....   Can you guess from which game she is from? ;)


HoleySuit, to the escape pod!!!! 14 MB
Oct 03, 2017

Get Holey Suit - to the Escape Pod!

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