Holey Suit - Official Release!

Hey all,

So this is it: I decided to hit that "Release Status = Released" button!

I uploaded to itch.io Holey Suit's first "official" update, AKA version 1.0.   After a shot break I looked at the game in its current shape, and I feel like it hit all the objectives I set at the beginning of the project. 

My intention was always for holey suit to be a small summer project, action driven with a lot of replayability.  I think the game achieves that well: Holey suit has multiple characters, all with different play styles, a XP system to give the game a bit more depth, and a cool little tutorial that answers the question "why am I lost in space?".

So three months after the first release, six months after the first line of code was written, there you have it: a stable, feature rich Holey Suit release.  I added the final touches: all the characters are now implemented, and I even coded in a Christmas special character!  I'll occasionally revisit Holey Suit based on feedback, maybe push the odd guest character depending on events or time of the year, and maybe push an Android version out in the future.

But for now - to the next game project ;)

Stay tuned!


HoleySuit.exe 18 MB
Dec 03, 2017

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