Followers & XP!!!

Hey all,

So far great feedback on Holey Suit - so happy!  One of the comment though was about the game lacking depth.  I'm hoping this new build address this!

New additions:

- Followers!!!  You can now rescue survivors from the wreckage and escort them to the pod.  This is easier said than done: aliens will attack your buddies and kill them if you don't act quick enough!

- XP!!!!  By collecting crates, reaching the pod, rescuing survivors, you now score XP, which go towards better skills for the characters.  This hopefully will help giving the player a sense of progression!

- Balancing:  The Hardcore mode has been toned down a notch.  It was far too hard, so even though it still has handicaps it is a lot fairer to the player.

So in a nutshell - a big update, which hopefully boosts replayability!  Enjoy!


HoleySuit.exe 14 MB
Sep 27, 2017

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