Holey Suit release 0.92 now has music!

Just loaded a new release of Holey Suit 0.92, now with music!

Still working on the sound.  I've decided to move away from chiptune sound FX.  http://www.bfxr.net/ is awesome for creating sounds, but I don't think this would fit with the tone of the game.  Instead, I'm using Garage Band on my iPad to produce quirky sounds.  This should also be a bit more consistent with the music, which I've produced with Garage Band + Apple Loops!

Call this a poor man's sound FX studio if you like ;)

So bear with me - Holey Suit 0.93 with Sound FX is coming out soon!


Holey Suit - Menu.mp3 4 MB
Sep 16, 2017
Holey Suit - In Space.mp3 6 MB
Sep 16, 2017
HoleySuit.exe 10 MB
Sep 18, 2017

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