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"I'm not a superhero - I'm a Sticky Vigilante!!!!" 

Stick-Ass covers his wet-suit with double sided tape as he watches the robots take over the city.  His plan: make it to the top of the highest skyscraper and signal for help!!

How to play:    Stick-Ass' double sided tape wet-suit (TM) makes him stick to the walls.  Aim up and click to jump from wall to wall.   Climb the tower as high as you can, whilst avoiding flying Bot Bombs' and Robot Snipers.

Unlocks:  Unlock goodies as you progress through the game!  A new outfit is unlocked every 20 floors.  Reach floor 50 to unlock Blue, Green and Yellow backgrounds.

Built solo in 48hrs for #shenanijam 2018!

Theme:  Sticky Justice.  

Achievements: 3-bit color palette, Just Shapes, One Punch Man, Maverick, Mozart, Buttersmooth tools.


StickAss.zip 23 MB
StickAss - Sticky Tune.mp3 4 MB


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Played a bit of this on my channel! Was not good at it, but had fun. :P

Haha nice one, I enjoyed the watch!  Good job unlocking the bat outfit, you're nearly there unlocking the spider! ;)